Homeschool Resources and Support



TheWellTrainedMind - This curriculum gives young students a stong beginning in writing, grammar and history and provides a firm foundation in classical education.

KeyToMath - KeyCurriculum offers a self paced Math program with simple step by step instructions to help your student achieve excellence in Mathematics.
Math-U-See -  Math-U-See is a comprehensive K-12 math curriculum that uses manipulatives to illustrate and teach math concepts.
Miquon - This is program for elementary students through grade 6. Miquon Math books can be found on many homeschool supply stores online.
RightStartMathematics -  Helping children understand, apply, and enjoy Math.
SaxonMath - Developed in 1979, Saxon Math is a comprehensive Math curriculum for grades 1-12. Each lesson introduces new concepts, builds upon concepts previously learned and accesses your students progress.
Singapore Math - The Math books of Singapore has been made to the U.S. in this innovative Math program.



CakeInTheMorning - Manipulatives and Learning materials for Montessori style studies.

AmblesideOnline - Ambleside has taken the guesswork out of the Charlotte Mason Methods by offering suggested lesson plans for each week of grades K-12. Many of the whole books used on Ambleside can be found for free at your local library or online, making this a very affordable option for home education.
MyFather'sWorld - Is complete curriculum for preschool through high school. Their goal is to raise up generations of families who see the world through God's eyes and live according
to that knowledge.  Many parents have said that they had to order Language arts programs to go along with this set.
OakMeadow - Oak Meadow is an all inclusive curriculum. It if flexible in that you can study independently or accredited distance learning.
SonlightChristianHomeschool -  Sonlight offers complete curricula for grades K-12, each with a Christian emphasis.

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