Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introducing WeeBeaks

I am the WAHM, homeschooling mom to three wee little beaks - the WeeBeaks! Sewing and crafting is my "me time," my relaxation, when I can immerse myself in colors and textures after a day that can sometimes be monotonous caring for and homeschooling my children. I love to see patterns and colors in the fabric, explore their combinations in different ways and feel their textures change as they are sewn, quilted and molded into usable items. I love to sew for my family and friends, and now am pleased to have the opportunity to offer my items through Etsy.

You can get to know a little bit more about us on our family blog at:, where I share my Etsy sewing, family sewing, homeschooling adventures and misadventures and more.

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Lona said...

Very cute stuff, of course!