Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sugar Roasted Peanuts

This is one of our favorite fall snacks. My mom has made these for years and they are usually gobbled up before the evening meal is served.

If you have small children, they will enjoy watching the last few minutes of boiling as the sugar re-crystallizes onto the peanuts. So gather round the family kitchen and cook up a new family tradition!

2C Sugar
1C water
4C dry raw peanuts

In a large saucepan mix all ingredients. Bring the mixture to a boil and stir every 5-10 minutes. Continue boiling and stirring until the water is COMPLETELY dissolved and the sugar re-crystallizes onto the peanuts. (Around 30 minutes)

Immediately remove the peanuts from the stove and pour into well grease baking sheets or 9x13 casserole dishes. Bake at 300 for 30 minutes stirring every 10 minutes.

Allow to cool, then enjoy!

This recipe was submitted by Sonja of VeryVerdant.


v + s + m + i + a + c said...

Wow, these look amazing! And I bet you could modify with other nuts, too? Yummy, thanks!

Very Verdant said...

Yes, You can substitute other long as they are raw and dry...pecans are amazing when cooked up this way!

NaturallyComfy said...

They look tasty! We are going to have to try these. : )

Shelley said...

Sounds really good! Thanks for sharing your family recipe.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Nice Blog

K Low said...

OOhh! I so needed this recipe for this coming weekend. Glad I checked it out. Thanks for sharing!