Monday, May 21, 2012

Interview With Shannon of Baruch's Lullaby

Neckwarmer, Earwarmer, Headwrap

Tell Us A Little About Yourself:         I am a happy homeschooling, Jesus-loving, Alaskan mama. I have four kiddos, and my husband and I are in the process of adopting two more children from Eastern Europe. We read lots of books, do mounds of laundry, shovel tons of snow, and laugh a lot...usually at each other.

How Did You Begin Working In You Craft And How Did That Work Develope Into A Business:    I learned briefly to knit when I was little, and re-taught myself as an adult (because we homeschoolers are stubbornly self-sufficient like that). I eventually started making my own designs and patterns, and after encouragement from friends, I started thinking I could really sell my items...which would be immensely helpful in justifying a growing yarn addiction. *grin* I started selling at craft fairs and briefly entertained consignment and wholesale venues, and then started selling directly through Etsy and personal contacts.

Crazy Love Knit Scarf

What Is One Of Your Favorite Homeschool Memories Thus Far:  We probably have favorite homeschool memories every week, but just yesterday our five-year-old blew us away with his knowledge of Tchaikovsky, President Washington, and the Bible in a ten minute span of dinner conversation. We were amazed! Some days it seems like we'll never get past teaching the kids how to tie their shoes, but then they surprise you with how much they really are paying attention.

Pumpkin Baby Mittens

What Advise Would You Give To Other Homeschool Families Who Are Also Trying To Run A Homebusiness Right Now:  My advice would be to remember what comes first - and in our home, what comes first is raising world-changers in a happy, loving, enchanting environment. If I'm on the computer marketing all the time, I can't facilitate that, so I get that type of work done when the kids are playing or in bed. With Baruch's Lullaby, I'm able to blend a lot of business and homeschool together (I can knit while reading to the kids!) and that ability to multi-task is really the only way I can do this. But I really think that homeschooling and family businesses go together so well, because it is a constant education. The kids see me learning or researching pretty often, and they understand the immediate practical need for it. They have a better understanding of economics and other practical business matters that they may not get if they were either public-schooled and/or in a family without a home there are great benefits, if the kids are not sacrificed on the altar of materialism in the first place.

Crocheted Headband With Vintage Buttons

Where Do You Find Inspiration For You Pieces:   What inspires me? Copious amounts of caffeine, I think! Also, having kids while living in extreme weather conditions helps inspire a lot of new and necessary designs for keeping warm throughout the year.

What Are Some Of Your Specific Goals Both For Your Business And For Your Homeschool:  Business-wise, I would love to get my patterns all typed out. They are all scribbled in a notebook (and in my head) and they would not make sense to very many people if they were ever to be found, and it would be nice to have them somewhere legibly organized in case I ever want to be serious about selling patterns. Homeschooling-wise, I just want to keep loving what we're doing and doing it well. Our joy is a real efficient barometer of how we are doing, and when it dives, we know we need to do some tweaking. On a specific note, I'm excited to start reading Dickens' works with my oldest son this year, and to introduce my oldest daughter to Anne of Green Gables (sigh!).

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The Handmaden said...

What cute things you knit, they are really lovely! I loved reading Anne to my oldest girl lately and can't wait until they're old enough for Dickens, so much wonderful reading to look forward to :)

Suzanne Runyan said...

How inspiring! I am always struggling with the shop and school, trying to find a balance between the two. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

Ewenique said...

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and your homeschool adventure! Your shop photos are delightful. Wishing you well in your home and business. Time spent reading with your children is a moment to treasure!

sacra vim said...

Thank you, everyone! Thanks for the opportunity, Sonja!

chocolatedogstudio said...

Shannon thanks for sharing your knitwear, sense of humor and faith with us. Your knits are always gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us, Karen

Karen said...

Loved your post! You make the most gorgeous items!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and fun with us.

luvncrafts said...

Wonderful interview! Beautiful shop! I am praying about the adoptions!