Friday, January 23, 2009

Introducing Beach Gemming

Whether it is for making jewelry, making a mosaic or just putting in your favorite glass bowl these little "gems" from the sea are beautiful. Beach Gemming not only offers you sea glass you can create with, but they also have things already made. I personally love their photos and they have turned several of them into cards. Perfect for sending to a sea loving friend, or just framing for your home.

Here is what this homeschool family has to say about their shop...

"Beach*gemming is a term we have coined to describe the relaxing activity of collecting surf-tumbled sea glass from along our local beaches in Monterey, California. Wave after wave continually uncover, weather and condition, multitudes of sea glass shards from decades past resulting in beautiful, multi-color, and collectible beach gems.

We have been collecting sea glass for a year now, enjoying our family time together, taking in the refreshing scenery, and pointing out the joys of beach*gemming to tourists from around the world. A look of wonder appears on their faces as they collect colorful sea glass gems to remind them of their visit to Nobel Prize winner, John Steinbeck's "circle of enchantment".

As some of you may know, sea glass hunting can become an obsession. Whenever we expect a storm our first thought is NOT "will a tree fall on our home this time?" but, "I wonder if we'll find any interesting sea glass pieces when the storm passes." We have tide charts in our vehicles and in the house. Pure Sea Glass, Sea Glass Chronicles, and the novel, Sea Glass, have joined the ranks of our collection of the Classics for leisurely reading. We're hooked."


Dayzee Love said...

Thanks for introducing me to your lovely work! This pendant is exactly the sort of thing I'd love to wear but never know where to find! :)

Janet P. said...

Those cards are beautiful; I just marked them as a favorite.

Robin said...

Wondering how to go about finally trying to join the SHE team.

I guess it would be best to pm me on SL.


Anna said...

I've never heard the 'beach gemming' term before. Hunting for sea glass certainly can be addictive! Your photos are lovely.