Saturday, February 7, 2009


I really hate to think of Gunne Sax as vintage. Wasn't it just yesterday I was proudly wearing my Gunne Sax dress?

SHE team has a few shops that sell vintage. I want to introduce you to five of them. Be sure to stop in and see what else they have for sale.

Introducing Sassy By Design

This shop is loaded with vintage sewing patterns. It is an enjoyable shop to look through if you sew or just have good memories of a mom or grandma sewing. It was so hard to pick just one image to show. This is a Vintage McCalls Pattern from the 1940's.

Introducing Aunt Sue's Old New Lovely

This shop offers vintage supplies, linens, vintage art work, depression glass and more. It was very hard to pick but was drawn to this hand embroidered handkerchief.

Introducing A Page From the Past

This shop offers a wide variety of linens, jewelry, supplies and collectibles. Another shop where I found it difficult to pick just one item. This is a vintage table runner.

Introducing A Dusty Attic

This shop offers vintage, upcycled, and photographs. A wonderful collection of items to choose from. I was drawn to this hostess apron with memories of Christmas. My mother would change into an apron very similar to this right before family and guests would arrive for Christmas dinner.

Introducing Handcrafted at Wit's End

Although you will find this shop listed under our sewing section of the SHE team shops, these hand sewn bags are truly vintage. These bags are made from old feed sacks. They are truly charming and one of a kind.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's very honest of you to claim in your Etsy team description that your group does not discriminate by religion and yet you don't allow what you call "occult" or "mysticism" products in team member stores because those are not "family-friendly." Hm, Pagan families would be interested to know that their usual religious stuff and family traditions are not considered "friendly" by you. I can see why there is more than one homeschooling team on Etsy. Why don't you go ahead and say that Hindu and Native American traditional and other such materials are not welcome either. I know your faith teaches against those things--but again--you claim to have a non-religious or at least interfaith approach. Prove it.

Sassy by Design said...

Thank you for listing my Etsy store, Sassybydesign, and my vintage patterns. Ilove reading about and seeing all the great products that my fellow Etsians create and sell. I also appreciate all the hard work that you put in to this great blog! Thanks!
Melissa @ sassybydesign