Monday, December 13, 2010

Interview With Reda of AgapeGiftShoppe

Stop by Reda's shop and have a look around, then come back here to get to know more about the creator of these fabulous items!

Q:How long have you been crafting?
A:I've been selling crafts for eight years but have been creating since my first box of crayons. I was a stay within the lines child.

Q:Do you remember any craft successes or disasters from childhood?
A:I made a ginger bread house and the icing was too thin, everything slid off. My mom rescued a lot of it with a glue gun

Q:When did you decide to sell your handmade items on Etsy and why?
A:I started two years ago . I heard about on another site. I thought it was a good way to cut down on craft shows as far as time and fees

Q:How long have you been homeschooling?
A:I began homeschooling three years ago.

Q:How many children do you homeschool?
A:I only have one son who's eight

Q:What methods/curriculum do you use?
A:I use the k12 curriculum

Q:What do you find difficult about homeschooling and running a home business?
A:Not having enough time , energy , or sanity to go around. Plus keeping the home in tact and making sure I stay healthy and still exercise

Q:What do you find rewarding about homeschooling and running a home business?
A:I can pull back when I need to and not answer to anyone else about why I need to. If I need to put in more time with my son I can cut down on the amount of creating and listing I do and when I feel like his needs are met I put some more in the creative pot.

Q:Do you have your own workspace?
A:Now I do , we just moved so its a work in progress. Most of supplies are in tall crafting drawers in my dining room so I have to clean up when I'm done. But looked forward to being able to close the door and leaving my stuff out so I ca can come back to it.

Q:Do you sell your handmade goods at other venues, ie craft shows, local shops, other Internet sites?
A:I have my own site that meets my exact tastes htttp:// Customers can browse more of the selection of custom items on there

Q:Where else can we find you, ie blog, facebook, twitter, myspace, other handcraft websites?
A:I do have a facebook and blog but I don't use it much. I do list on other sites like zibbet, and bonanza

Q:Since this is the holiday season, would you briefly tell us which holiday is your favorite and why it means so much to you?
A:I would have to say Christmas... its a whole month of being able to hear Christmas music and sing off key. I love Christmas lights and copious amounts of deserts there are to make and receive, and enjoy all of the decorating I get to do and sales on crafting products. I like to gift the last one to myself.

Interview by - Sonja


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