Friday, March 28, 2008

Introducing Chantel and Me

I began Chantel and Me to give myself an outlet for my photo hobby. I enjoy taking shots of nature, and am so thankful God has blessed us with an abundance of beauty and color. I also enjoy taking pictures of odd things, like a series I'd like to do called "Bee Hineys"(pics coming soon in the shop), or an old forgotten cemetery planted deep in the woods. Since my sweet husband gifted me with a wonderful camera I love looking for those unique shots. I like to take an everyday picture and digitally enhance it to become something special.

I also envision Chantel and Me having some mixed media items and some sewn items. I'd like to get back into drawing and try out some watercolor and acrylic painting. Those plans are still in the making. Watch soon to see what Chantel and Me becomes.
Be sure and check back often to see new things listed. If you click on these photos you will go to the page where they are available.

1 comment:

Lona said...

Such lovely photos--I especially love the one with the tree and the old fence...