Friday, March 14, 2008

What's New at Wit's End?

Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you what's new at Wit's End this weekend!

My name is Ginny and my Etsy shop is ~ Handcrafted at Wit's End (so named because that pretty much sums up my mental state). I feature restyled vintage items like decoupage boxes, rusty ol' horse shoes, old silverware-turned- windchimes and purses and totes made from old feed sacks and quilt tops. I also have teeny tiny hares and bears now and again ~ they come to me in spurts. I really enjoy hunting for old feed and grain sacks and making purses, though! Mothers back in the old days repurposed those old sacks into all kinds of nifty things, so I'm not really doing anything new or inventive, I just gave it a new twist.

I am a country girl presently trapped within city limits, although you'd never know it to walk out my back door. I have a little pond, a small flock of hens, a turkey, a goose and I'm on a waiting list for some Babydoll sheep this spring. If I have to live within "city" limits, at least my soul can be in the country... My house is a 108 yr old Victorian and my hubby and I just rehabbed the original summer kitchen out back last year, where I have my little studio. I like it
because I have a great view of my poultry and I can sew or craft until the wee hours of the morning and not bother anyone. It does happen when I get on a roll. ;0)

And speaking of sewing, I'm working on some new purses made from unusual vintage feed sacks. Hopefully I'll get them listed this weekend. I'm having a sale on hares and bears and offering free shipping in my Etsy shop all weekend, so come and see my stuff! I'm always interested in custom orders, so convo me if you have a question or suggestion.

Be happy.
Click on either photo to go to the listing for this item. Be sure and check out things this weekend while there is free shipping and hares and bears are one sale!

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Lona said...

Ginny, your feed sack purses are so cute!