Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shady Side Farm

Hi from Shady Side Farm in Michigan, where spring has finally arrived. We are full time farmers, and raise chickens and sheep, as well as hay and grain crops. We homeschool three of our four children (the oldest is in college).

I've been weaving rugs for around 10 years, and have 3 rug looms. I like to recycle old clothing into something useful and beautiful�my favorite rug materials are pre-loved jeans, corduroy pants and wool items. Some of my rugs are made using new materials (less labor intensive), but even these fabrics are saved from the waste stream (too-small bolt-ends from the bedding industry, for instance). When I am away from my looms and need a more portable craft, I enjoy making cotton dishcloths.

My husband, The Farmer, has taken up spinning, and any handspun yarn in the store is his doing. He also enjoys cranking out unique socks on his antique sock knitting machine.
Because we have the wool from approximately 150 sheep to play with, we're always thinking of new ways to market our wool. Check out our supply of rovings and yarns. Stay tuned, as we develop more woolly ideas all the time�

Our children all help in various ways with the crafting (check out the felted wool cat toys!). Our 2nd daughter has opened her own etsy store for her jewelry at Farmgirldesigns.

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Linda said...

I love Lona's dishcloths. They are so nice to use and small enough my kids can wring them out.