Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to Rachel's Aprons where we are more than just aprons.

I am a stay at home / work from home 27 year old mom to three angels. Ages 8, 4 and 1. I often say that being a mom is being surrounded by angels everyday. I cherish GOD, my husband and my children.

I started out making aprons for the waitresses and waiters that I knew. What they were buying from the utility stores were not holding up. Going to my sewing machine (my husband taught me to sew believe it or not!What a MAN!) I came up with what is now currently in my shop.

My waist aprons are sturdy as you can read in my feedback but most of all they last, are fun and cute!Their way to dress up! I do holiday prints as well which are very popular. Homeschooling my 8 year old we were talking about the environment. She inspired me with her child wisdom
to make the market bags I currently have.

Then came the crochet! Oh I love to crochet and have been doing it since I was 10. It is an art, one that I am passing on to my daughters. I use it as a form of relaxation. So I am expanding what is offered in my shop and as of April 15 have new items. My Facial exfoliator, Pretty flower wash cloth, and Pretty Shells dish cloths!

I love the softness of the cotton yarn and how well it washes and lasts! And the colors! Crochet Market bags are next on my list with the ban of plastic ones coming to my city. So check back and see what all that I have to offer! I gladly accept custom orders so convo me anytime!

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