Saturday, November 22, 2008

SHE Team Celebrates the Holidays Giveaway - Day 2 & 3

The winners from day one are:

1) Winning the beautiful zippy pouch for music fans from Hazel Honey is Ruth.
2) Winning the Needlefelted
Mermaid Doll from Toys From Nature is ReneeinGA.

Congratulations to both winners. Because there is no contact information left on your entry post, you will need to contact the Etsy shop within three days to claim your prize. After three days if the shop has not heard from you we will draw a new name. Thank you and congratulations!

--------------------- WELCOME to DAY TWO ----------------------

We have decided to extend this giveaway until Monday night at 11:00 pm (PST).


1) Visit the shop who is giving away the item you like ( choose from the current day's giveaway pictured below). You may enter once for each item that is offered, but please mention each shop separately.

2) Leave a comment here about the sponsor shop, to let them know your favorite item and what you like about their shop. You must leave your contact information so we can contact you if you win.

3) Winners will be posted the following day. It will be the responsibility of the individual store to contact the winner. If there is no way to contact you, we will pick a new winner for that item.

To see the official rules please scroll down.


Elegant Angel Tassel:

This beautiful lady sits atop a bed of feathers and fringe. She is a cream color and has wonderful detail! The feathers, fringe and ribbons are in browns, reds, creams and golds. The neutrals of this tassel would compliment any decor. She is 8 inches tall plus ribbon on top

Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act. Proverbs 24:12

Our second item is from Ancient Game Cupboard

Achi - An African Tic-tac-toe type board game

Achi is a fun twist on what we know as tic-tac-toe. Once all of the pieces are on the 3"x3" board, players slide their pieces along the lines until someone gets three in a row.

Game comes with rules and pieces in a drawstring bag (colors and styles of bags vary).

Makes a great stocking stuffer, gift for Kwanzaa or a little something to tuck into a care package for college students or military troops!

Our Achi boards are made with reclaimed wood.

To enter this giveaway go visit the shop and come back and comment. There will be new items tomorrow so don't forget to check back.


BirchLeaf Designs said...

Linda! This is so fun! I visited Brian and Jennifer's shop and really enjoyed reading their's quite interesting. The item that intrigues me the most would have to be the Senet - Ancient Egyptian game.
The giveaway Achi game looks like a neat game too...and I love that it is made with reclaimed wood!

Megan said...

I love the look of ancientgamecupboards games, you can see the care and quality taken with every game. I think my favorite is - just becuase I didn't think you could put so many consonants and so few vowel into one word!

ikkinlala said...

I love the Ancient Game Cupboard - I've never played (or even heard of, I think) any of the games, but I love strategy games and the ones at this shop are beautiful. It's hard to choose a favourite without having tried them, but if pressed I'd pick Hnefetafl just for its name.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Anonymous said...

I love that Achi game! My daughter and I created a paper and clay Hnetefal game when we studied the Vikings in 4th grade--so much fun! The one in your shop is really lovely:

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of learning old or ancient board games! Where else can you find such a neat piece of history? This shop has captured a special niche in games and homeschooling! Ard-ri catches my eye because of it's scottish roots. Thanks so much for the donation of one of your games!


Lona said...

Nogreater's shop is very unique! I like this item:

I appreciate her heart for adoption, but wish she would put a location and some info in the profile section.

sewmelody said...

I am itching to try the Achi! What a great stocking stuffer idea! All of your games are intriguing...I have a feeling my kids would have a hard time putting them away:).

Lona said...

I love the Achi game! We bought one already, but it is a gift for someone else. We'd surely like to have our own. I love the look of the Senet game:

And I love that this enterprise is a whole-family business. Great to see families working together!

Meka said...

I really enjoyed Ancient Game Cupboard's shop. What a great new discovery. How awesome is to window shop and learn something at the same time?! I liked all of the games, but after stepping back, the one that stood out the most was Hnefetafl. I think the visual image is quite striking. It seems like a challenging game and a super conversation piece... I'd have a hard time giving it away even as a gift.

Peg said...

I love feminine touches on each of the Tassels in No Greater Gift's shop. I'd like to see a bit more information on each - are they for ornaments for a tree? Do you hang them in a window? I'm decorating challenged so it's not immediately apparent how they are to be used. Also it would be nice to see what her shop policies are.


Peg said...

I love games! I love the craftsmenship of each of the games at Ancient Game Cupboard. I also like that they sell replacement pieces - we are always having some lost.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda! Loved Antiquity Gamecrafters - would've been a great place to know about when we were studying Ancient Egypt. The Achi game looks fun.

Sara said...

I would love to play every game in ancientgamecupboard's shop: they look like so much fun. Each one is crafted beautifully! it was hard to choose, but i think my favorite is Ard-ri

Sara, Farmgirldesigns

Janette said...

My favorite item at No Greater Gift's shop is the little bird sitting on pink fluff. It reminds me of the pink humminbirds on my glass wedding topper.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Items in the No Greater Gift shop. My Favorite was the sparkly and pretty tassel(listing id 16906862). I loved the Simplicity.
I would love to see more info in the Shops Policy page and I agree with the comment left about Decorating/use ideas. I also Found some of the Colors and definition difficult to see do to the Picture Back grounds. I think these Fantastis Tassels would really Pop with being Photographed against solid colored Fabrics or a more plain background.
My hopes are with you in your desire to adopt a gifted and special child.

Ancient Game Cupboard is truly a gift. Simplicity and reuse makes for a Beautiful Product.
I love the Replacement Pieces. I will admit my Favorite item is the Hnefetafl game. I love the use of Multiple layers.The wood and the tiles to create the Board. I loved the Simplicity of the site. Easy to read, navigate and with all the info where it need to be.