Monday, November 24, 2008

SHE Team Celebrates the Holidays Giveaway - Day 4 & 5 -

Chrysler Creek

This Cabernet scent is unequaled for it's smooth, robust and explosive fruity scent that will absolutely fill your home with it's warmth. This glass is filled with 14 ounces of my smooth soy & botanical wax that melts evenly all the way down. The scent stays in the wax unhampered until the wax turns I said I burned this very candle for a year and the scent was just as strong as it was the day I lit it. If you like fruity scents...this is the candle for you. It will absolutely fill your home with it's warm, full, rich scent!

As always, I have used the cleanest fragrance oil available... no headaches from this scent and I have used all cotton wicks like my customers have come to expect.

The snowflake design makes it fun and elegant. I have added on a hangtag that lets you know the scent and tied it on with a blue ribbon that has silver snowflakes and the words "falling snow" printed on it.

Rachel's Aprons

A day at the beach set of 2 cotton wash cloths

Eco-Friendly and beautiful? Yes you can have it all!
100% Cotton Wash/Dish cloths are super absorbent, sturdy for tough counter and dish stains, wash well, and they last so much longer than the green and yellow ones you end up throwing out later. As a washcloth these are so soft! It will be your favorite wash cloth to use.
The cloths wash well and are 100% cotton. They make great additions to bridal shower presents, holiday gifts, or housewarming presents (or keep for yourself!) They are approximately 8 inches (20cm) x 8 inches (20cm).

To enter this giveaway go visit the shop and come back and comment. There will be new items on Thursday so don't forget to check back.


1) Visit the shop who is giving away the item you like ( choose from the current day's giveaway pictured below). You may enter once for each item that is offered, but please mention each shop separately.

2) Leave a comment here about the sponsor shop, to let them know your favorite item and what you like about their shop. You must leave your contact information so we can contact you if you win.

3) Winners will be posted the following day. It will be the responsibility of the individual store to contact the winner. If there is no way to contact you, we will pick a new winner for that item.



1) The giveaway is open to everyone living in the United States or Canada, including team members (Sorry to those that are international).
2) You must leave your contact information. If we cannot contact you then you cannot win. (Your email address is preferred, if you have an Etsy shop that is acceptable too.)
3)You may enter every day but you cannot win more than one giveaway each day.
4) Winners will be picked daily at approximately 11:00 PM PST (West Coast)
5) Participants must leave a comment about the sponsor's shop - be specific!
6) Any duplicate, rude, or obscene comments will be removed.
7) If winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen.
8) The team is in no way responsible for packages lost or damaged in the mail.
9) The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received
10) The winners will be drawn by random.
11) The delivery of the item is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring shop for that item.

Congratulations to our previous winners from the day 2 & 3 giveaway.

Winning the angel tassel from No Greater Gift is Lona.

Winning the game from
Ancient Game Cupboard is Peg.


SpiceofLifeDesigns said...

I love Rachel's Aprons shop full of usefully beautiful items. Her baby beanie caught my eye as I have a sister expecting her first baby in a few months -

Anonymous said...

Rachel, your brown and blue baby blanket is LOVELY! I love that color combination every time and find in to nice with baby things. :) And your washcloths are fantastic too! They make wonderful gifts--my sister loves the ones I gave her earlier this year! Thanks for including them in the donation pool, Kristyn.

Karin said...

At Rachel's Aprons: Vendor/Half Apron CHRISTMAS

I love Peanuts items--they are hard to resist!

Peg said...

Chrysler Creek your candles are just beautiful. I didn't realize you sold cabernet scented. That is my favorite scent.


Peg said...

Rachel's Aprons I love the Tinkerbell bag! And of course I love that you've used it with yarn displayed in it. I like that you've shown multiple ways to use it. And the variety in your shop is great.


Anonymous said...

I love the peppermint bath fizzies from Chrysler Creek. I can smell them now :)

Rachel, what a great idea to create your ownsoft spa scrubbies!

FaerieRebecca @ gmail . com

Carol said...

Rachel's Aprons, I love the
Tink bag as well as the orange hobo/market bag.
the washcloths look wonderful!

Table for Seven said...

Rachel's Aprons, I loved the spa scrubbie! What a great idea! I loved the half aprons too.

Chryslar Creek, WOW! What great prices on your candles. And so cute too!

sewmelody said...

ChryslerCreek-That candle is beautiful! And I've never used a soy candle before...The blue snowflakes are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Rachel's Aprons, I love the facial scrubbies! Unique

Jacqueline said...

Chrysler Creek, that candle is beautiful! I really love that snowman design! n_n

Rachel, love thta idea of create your own spa scrubbies!

Thanks for the giveaway!

CB said...

Rachel I love the ribbed java sleeve. I go to ice cream shops because they have coffee in town, but they don't offer sleeves for the cups, they get so hot too!

My email is

Etsy shop is:

marianne Butler said...

I love the crocheted washcloths spascrubbies ...and the crocheted coffe cup holder - what an excellent idea!

Beat Black said...

Chrysler Creek- I LOVE the Bath Fizzies but my new apartment doesn't have a tub (grrr), so my next choice would be the Black Cherry Burst Soy Candle. The flavours... I mean scents in her shop sound soooo inviting :)

Beat Black said...

The Lime green wash cloth set is adorable. The colour is absolutely rad. Her whole shop is so clean and colourful looking <3


BirchLeaf Designs said...

I Love the Soy candle with the snowflakes! Tis' the season...
Chrysler Creek's shoppe has lots of yummy candles to choose from. I think my fav would be the vegan bath fizzies...they look fun.

BirchLeaf Designs said...

Rachel's Apron shoppe has some great gift ideas...I love the aprons and the coffee cozy. I really like the color combination of the washclothes to be given away.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Rachel's Aprons. Some words that pop into my mind as I look at the wide array of products offered are creative, Quirky, fun and Usefull. I love the holiday theme to her Banner. I wish there was a litttle more info in the Profile. My Favorite item was ( and it was really hard to choose just one)was the Horse fabric Apron.

Anonymous said...

I love the Simplicity at Chrysler Creek. everything is where it need to be and easy to Find. my Favorite item has to be the peppermint bath fizzies. as soon as i saw them All I could think about was grabbing a book and a cuppa tea and wanting to draw a bath to relax in.

Emily said...

Chrysler Creek - your groovy garden shea butter-sunflower oil soap sounds fantastic!


demmi said...

I love the candles at Chrysler Creek this is my favorite Unequaled Cabernet Scented Wine Glass Candle - Snowman Design I love how they are in a wine glass con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

Carol said...

I guess this didn't go thru yesterday. Crysler Creek your candles are lovely.
And your soap looks awesome. I wish there was scratch and sniff on the internet.