Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide and Introductions

With five days until Valentine's Day, I thought I would feature our team captain and the writers for our team blog.

Our Team Captain is Linda. Linda is a California resident, a homemaker, a homeschooling mother, and a talented jewelry artist. Her shops are Mom Potter and Ocean Breeze. To learn more about Linda and to be the first to know about her newest designs or giveaways, you can follow her blog Ocean Breeze Designs.

There are four writers for our team blog so I will tell you a bit about each.

First is Kelly of The Handmaden . Kelly specializes in hand dyed fine silks and handmade dolls. Kelly uses her blog to show her creativity and introduce new project. She also shares a little about her life as a wife, mom and artist in Australia.

Our second blogger is Karista also known as KLow. She is a busy artist who has two shops on Etsy. Her crafts and cards shop is filled with gorgeous handmade cards as well as paper supplies, while her Sugar Yarn shop features gorgeous knit and crochet items. Even though she is a wife and mother of four as well as an Etsy artist, Karista still finds time to share new ideas on her blog - CardNCrafts. I also enjoy her homeschool blog. It is always full of wonderful projects and inspires me to try new things in our home.

Beccijo, is another of our writers. Her shop The Enchanted Cupboard, is filled with lovely hand painted wooden play sets. Her shop has recently gained publicity in such places as Nickelodeon Parents Connect and EcoChildsPlay and more. To learn more about Beccijo take an enchanted tour around her blog.

I am your last blogger. My name is Sonja and my Etsy shop is Very Verdant, not so much because we are an ecofriendly family (although we do try our best) but because our last name is Greene. I enjoy a simple but full life with my husband and four children in South Alabama. We have homeschooled now for eight years and I share that experience as well as new projects and giveaways on my blog.


Lona said...

Thanks to all of you who do such a great job with the blog!

The Handmaden said...

Thanks Sonja, what a lovely surprise!

KLow said...

What a treat! I agree with Kelly, a lovely surprise. Thank you, Sonja, for keeping us all going the right direction =) Fun to be a part of it all.

cjkris said...

Thanks to all of you! You do a great job for Sheteam!