Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running Around In Circles

You know, I assumed that the onset of summer would bring with it a peace, and quiet and rest. I was envisioning sparkling sand and salt water, picnic baskets and pink lemonade.

Alas, reality has ended my daydream. What was I thinking? After all, I am a mother of four. Two of my kids are teenagers - with jobs. One of those teenagers - with a job- does not even have her drivers license yet.

So instead of casual strolls at the beach, I am running circles around the city taking my four children to swim practice and choir practice and work and ...

So here to celebrate the busy"ness" of mother hood are a few items from SHETEAM member. This collection is a team rendition of Running Around In Circles. After all, Stay At Home Moms can all relate to this circle busy"ness" and none of us would trade this crazy life for anything in the whole ROUND world.

Rose Peppermint Bath Bombs

Two Tone Sterling Silver Orbit Necklace

Luggage Tags

Rag Quilt

Circular Chapel Veil Cap

Heating and Cooling Pad with Removable Cover

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