Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth Of July Interview

Happy Fourth Of July To You!!!
Today we meet Cindy of Wilkinson Crafts.


Tell us a little about yourself.
We live in Northwestern Connecticut. We enjoy being home and working in our garden.
We have two teenage daughters who have been homeschooling for six years. They both love animals enjoy taking care of their dog, cats, and goats. The hobbies I most enjoy are knitting, stamping, scrapbooking and photography. My husband’s hobby is woodworking. His grandfather made wooden toys and sold them at local craft fairs. He uses those pieces as inspiration for the toys that he makes. My girls also have an interest in photography and are always looking for interesting subjects to photograph.

How did you begin working in your craft and how did it develop into a business?
I started knitting shortly before my youngest daughter was born. I made clothes and toys for my girls and also as gifts for friends. For years my family and friends told me I should sell what I make, so one day I decided to give it a try. My husband has wanted to do the same with his woodworking projects.

What is one of your favorite homeschool memories thus far?

I have several favorite memories with the girls: reading a favorite book together, hiking and picking blueberries on a beautiful summer day, and occasional campouts in the living room on a “school night.”

What advise to would you give to other homeschool families who are also trying to run a home business?

Get the whole family involved. Include the kids in pricing, advertising, researching what to sell and helping to create the items in the shop.

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

My favorite items are baby items. I like a project that works up quickly. I’m drawn to things that are cute and fuzzy! I am currently working on a design for a bunny based on my favorite childhood toy.

Do you have specific goals for your business or for your homeschooling? Would you share some of those with us?
For my business, I would like to write and sell my own patterns. Homeschooling goals include raising girls who love to learn and be will be successful and happy doing what God has called them to do.

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Nice to meet you Cindy, your knitted bunny is very cute!