Friday, October 15, 2010

Got Goop?

                               Goop is fun, safe, reusable and although messy, cleans up easily.

1 packet of cornflour (I use a cheap generic brand)
1 - 2  cups water
food colouring, tempura paint powder or acrylic paint (if you like)

Mix water into cornflour a little at a time until you have a gloopy consistency. Drop the colouring in (if using) to the depth of colour you like.
Put into a container or tray and play!

When the children are finished it can be stored in a container with a lid. If it dries out just add more water and stir again. Or you can just leave it dry and use it like putty.

* A note about food colouring.
The children ended up with coloured hands, if this is undesirable go with the paint options.

Have fun with your goop!

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