Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Tricks - Just Treats

OK, here is my Halloween confession. I have never been trick or treating - not even with my children. There, I said it!

I do, however, remember a trick or treat scene that is indelibly etched into my brain. It is the Halloween scene from Meet Me in St. Louis where the youngest, Tootie, goes out to "kill" a neighbor. In doing this, the children would knock on a neighbors door and chant "a very scary" chant, then throw a sack of flour into the neighbors face. Then, the children would make a run for it and fast!

Well, no such tricks here, only treats.

First we will need a bag in which to carry all these treats. For that we can visit MinnieMaes
This particular bag is made for tiny hands and will be perfect for carrying the Halloween stash. There are several different designs and sizes to choose from and MinnieMaes also carries similar totes for Mom's market trips.

Next we will need a costume. Now, here I go back to Meet Me in St Louis. The children dressed up in their fathers clothes and wore fake mustaches...
Ah Ha! I found these lovely disguises at Joosycardco.
How much fun is this?

Now for the treats, you can find candy corn at CellChic's Shop.
If you stay around her shop for just a little, you can also find a black cat, a spider, a ghost and a bat!

Finally, I can't leave out my favorite candy...CHOCOLATE.
Yes, I like dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and mint chocolate and I found all of these goodies made by Julieandco

There, I think we are now ready for a fantastic evening of Trick or Treat.

Be safe out there and enjoy the holiday.


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K Low said...

Nicely done, Sonja! I especially like the mustaches!