Monday, October 4, 2010

SheTeam Inverview with MumMumCrafts

Tell us about yourself:
I’m a homeschooling mama of two with another on the way, due May 29th 2011! I love what I do, both in business and being a mom, and I would not have things any other way. I feel like one of the lucky people in this world who are actually able to do what I love each day!

What would we find in your shop: 
Mineral Makeup, Deodorant, Lotion, Soap, Skin Care, Lip Tints and Balms. I am always adding new things and changing things up though, so you never know!

What is your style of Homeschooling: 
I am not real strict! I do insist that a certain amount gets done each day but I am also flexible. If my kids want to focus more on science on some days we go with that, or if they really want to curl up and read we go with that, on top of the things that I insist get done, like math. We use Sonlight which is just the perfect curriculum for our family! We love to read!

What tip do you have for homeschooling while having an at-home business: 
The biggest tip I have is to keep your priorities straight. My first priority is not my business; rather I run my business so that I can remain a homeschooling mom! I’ve set up boundaries to make sure my business does not consume too much time. For example I do not ship items every day, but within 3 business days. I do as many things as I can to keep my time organized, not always easy but really does help!

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Congratulations on the new blessing on the way, Mummumscrafts!

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Great interview!

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Great interview. Congratulations on the new one coming!


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Great interview!