Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wood You?

There is a memory from childhood that evokes a sentimental journey, often at times when I least expect it. This memory is not a single occasion or even a particular scene or childhood dream, rather it is a smell.

My dad worked in a cabinet shop. When he returned home around dinner time every evening, my sister and I would rush out to be the first to hug daddy. It was then that we would be greeted with wide open arms and the smell of sawdust. Like the pine or oak from which he built beautiful things, Daddy's arms were stong and protective, yet gentle enough to bend to the winds of life and shade us from the heat and pressures that we would face.

For this reason, I am featuring today, items having to do with trees or made of wood by my fellow Sheteam members.

Wood you... take this sentimental journey with me?

Late Autumn Woods Original Mixed Media Painting
By Ellemar Designs

Grasshopper Wooden Pull Toy in Maple and Walnut
By TheWoodGarden

Wooden Toy, Autumn Forest PLayset - Landscape Play
By TheEnchantedCupboard

Pine Tar Homemade Soap Cold process
By SmokeyMountainScents

Harvest Hues Needlefelted Acorns
By Rainy Day Yarn Shop

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Laura @ Getting There said...

I sure do know what you mean about the smell of husband always smells lovely when he comes in from the workshop! Thanks for including our pull toy on your list. :)

Lona said...

Great memories, eh? You've picked some nice items to feature; checked them all out!

Cell Chic said...

I do love the smell of sawdust, too - lovely featured items!

The Handmaden said...

I love the scent and sight of wood! Beautiful items.

Laurel said...

What a lovely surprise, to see my painting in the SheTeam blog! My dad too used to do some woodworking, and I remember the sawdust smell vividly. (The pull-toy is so cute!)